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How the Aerospace Supply Chain is Experiencing Digital Transformation

Thousands of manufacturers in the Aerospace Supply Chain are discovering the benefits of a no-touch, fully-automated, always-on digital thread that connects OEMs with their complex, multi-tiered supply network. What are the key requirements to achieve this digital transformation, eliminating the many manual tasks across disparate systems that is common in the industry?

  • A standard format that converts ERP communication into a common language
  • A fully digital workstream that is continuously sensing and responding to supply and demand changes, removing human error and delay
  • A full breadth of coverage, including POs, ASNs, Commits, Acknowledgements, Supplier Plans, and Compliance/Quality support
  • Must be built to the standards of Aerospace

Robot Morning has created the AXON network based on these requirements and principles, and thousands of manufacturers are reaping the rewards. They see:

  • Predictability and consistency in demand
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reliable commitments
  • Leaner inventory
  • Higher resource efficiency
  • Error-free, no-touch data flow

Embracing digital connectivity saves time, saves money, and reduces errors, while creating full visibility and analytics to allow your team to drive real improvement.

Find out how Robot Morning is transforming the Aerospace Supply Chain.